1st Party Data You Can Trust

Our relationships with the world’s most important tech decisions-makers generate a perpetual stream of global data. With access to 44 million individuals and a global behavioral data stream that is authenticated, timely and contextually relevant, we have one of the industry’s cleanest signals of buyer intent and can help your demand-generation marketing in many ways. Do you need to fill your sales pipeline? Are you focused on ABM? Our full stack of marketing solutions will put our data to work for you.

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Reach Your Audience Via
Lead Generation

We deliver detailed leads of qualified decision-makers to help you target and reach the people who are most likely to buy your products and services.

Lead Nurturing

We have a managed service that assesses your content, sends tailored and targeted emails to your audiences, and analyzes responses to help deliver sales-ready leads.

Data Insights

We leverage our global data stream inside our in-house call center to help you profile and target specific sectors and accounts as they are actively buying.

Account-Based Marketing

Our suite of ABM solutions leverages digital display, personalized creative and demand generation to identify and respond to target account opportunities.

Database Services

Our outbound customer experience services focus on multilingual, native-language capabilities and personalized branded conversations. We also provide data cleaning, nurturing and building services, along with customer survey engagements.

What Makes Our Data Unique

Explore Our Product Features

1st Party

Because our data is generated in-house, we are able to stand by its cleanliness.

Editorial Capabilities

Our unprecedented editorial expertise attracts and engages millions of IT professionals and tech enthusiasts.


Our data is authenticated, timely and tied to technology content consumption.

Contextually Relevant

50+ years of expertise positions us to make sure our data is aligned with real-life purchasing decisions.


We focus on privacy, safety and compliance to both GDPR and CCPA in order to maintain our relationships with the technology-buying community.

In-House Call Center

When we leverage our data for multilingual, native-language contact services, we make sure we do so with our own call center.

Technology-Specific Taxonomy

Our industry-specific taxonomy is granular to B2B and B2C technology topics.


Our local market content strategy feeds a global data stream that addresses the global nature of buying teams and consumer technology purchases.

Why Partner with IDG?

We generate data from our established 1st party relationships with tech buyers from around the globe. We map buyer intent — through digital engagements with our content and advertisements, demand generation and events — to help you reach targeted audience segments based on your specific requirements. Our audiences trust that we will treat their data with respect. And, regardless of whether our customers’ goal is to pinpoint prospects at each stage of the purchase process, to drive targeted engagements or to build a pipeline, they trust that we will deliver high-quality results.

Key Stats

Of users take an action
as a result of visiting
IDG branded sites


Average number of content pieces that IT decision-makers download during the purchase process


Of users visit at least one
time per week

2019 IDG Audience Portrait Study; 2019 Role & Influence of the Technology Decision-Maker study

B2B Page One

Elevate your messaging through highly-searched, topic-relevant editorial content.

B2C Digital Issue Sponsorships

Expand brand awareness to a global audience of loyal enthusiasts and reach subscribers across the world by sponsoring PCWorld and Macworld’s digital issues. Packages are exclusive to one advertiser.


IDG’s BANT program allows you to dive deeper into a lead to uncover qualifiers that can be challenging to confirm via organic lead generation.

Buyer Insights

Identify and customize conversations and nurturing tactics with your target accounts based on their purchase and vendor preferences, challenges and more.

CIO Digital Magazine

The digital edition of CIO delivers original, in-depth reporting on the issues impacting technology leaders today, tomorrow and years from now.

CIO Virtual Think Tank

The CIO Virtual Think Tank is an exclusive opportunity for IDG partners looking to boost their profile as innovators and enterprise leaders in emerging technology.

Content Socialization

Amplify the reach of your latest and greatest content assets with socialization.

Content Syndication

You’ve invested in creating and packaging this content, now let us help you drive the traffic and get it read. Our resource libraries are active visitor destinations for IT decision-makers.

Crowdsourced Content

Shape the market conversation and drive thought leadership with the Crowdsourced Content program.

CSO50 Digital Magazine

The interactive CSO50 Digital Magazine delivers premium, original content to security executives who are seeking more information on security solutions and best practices.

Custom Webcast

Increase engagement to your marketing assets with a custom designed webcast.

eGuide Sponsorship

Leverage award-winning content to capture qualified leads and fill your sales pipeline.

IDG Event Services

Create your own turnkey event that best fits your marketing goals. Think of IES as an extension of your internal team that will organize an event with your objectives in mind.

Influencer Outreach

Reach and engage new audiences with sponsored blog posts written by IDG’s network of technology influencers.

Infographic Creation

Engaging and intuitive infographics from research results to provide your audience with easily digestible key findings and conclusions.

Interactive eGuide

Our newly-designed Interactive eGuide features 100% editorial-driven content and encourages and tracks engagement with multiple pieces of content in one viewing session.


Lead nurturing based on content and topical interest.


Insightful and timely research based on leading views, which then positions you as a market visionary and leader.

Monthly Tech Spotlight

The Tech Spotlight series runs across IDG’s five B2B branded editorial sites and includes co-branded companion content.

Podcast Series from IDG

This on-demand technology is conducive to the fast-paced work culture of IT decision-makers. Your target market will continue to return and be engaged throughout the series.

Programmatic Solutions

IDG’s private marketplace connects qualified buyers and sellers through a cutting-edge automated buying platform.

Review Boost

Boost exposure of your IDG editorial review.

Sponsored Posts

Showcase your content within the native editorial crawl across IDG owned and operated sites.

The New Reality Virtual Tradeshow Series

This virtual event series combines IDG’s technology and content expertise, professional event hosts, and first-class recruitment practices for the ultimate online experience. 

Traditional Banners

Context matters. Generate awareness and increase mindshare for your brand & products.

Trendwire Video Carousel

Drive awareness for your product and brand by pairing your video creative with snackable IDG editorial videos that cover trending topics and technologies.

Virtual Events

Virtual Events combine our technology and content expertise, professional event hosts, and first-class recruitment with your message and goals for the ultimate online experience.

Virtual Roundtable

Virtual Roundtables are your most effective way to engage in a two-way conversation with an intimate group of prospects and customers, recruited by IDG. Join the conversation!

IDG Communications, Inc. Leads Policy
Pricing represents worldwide leads with no filters/criteria. A maximum of 10 competitors will be accepted to be filtered out of a campaign. IDG removes bogus and duplicate leads. All qualified leads will have what appears to be a correctly formatted valid email or phone number supplied by our users. Lead criteria is available for an additional investment.