Over-The-Top Media

IDG's OTT Media reaches engaged technology buyers while they stream their favorite shows.

Branding/Awareness, Demand Generation

Editorial B2C Newsletter Sponsorships

Leverage IDG’s trusted B2C newsletters to get your organization’s message noticed through contextually relevant sponsorships.


InStream Video Ads

IDG's InStream Video Ads generate quality video views and drives traffic to your landing page.

Branding/Awareness, Demand Generation

Review Boost

Boost exposure of your IDG editorial review.


Native Playlist

Brand to demand native experience that allows you to build equity around key topics.

Branding/Awareness, Engagement, Thought Leadership

Custom Webcast: Analyst Perspective

Encourage exploration and interaction with program content to explain and reinforce your message with the addition of an IDC analyst to your webcast.

Branding/Awareness, Demand Generation, Thought Leadership

B2C Digital Issue Sponsorships

Expand brand awareness to a global audience of loyal enthusiasts and reach subscribers across the world by sponsoring PCWorld and Macworld’s digital issues. Packages are exclusive to one advertiser.


Podcast Series from IDG

This on-demand technology is conducive to the fast-paced work culture of IT decision-makers. Your target market will continue to return and be engaged throughout the series.

Branding/Awareness, Thought Leadership

Quality Custom Content

Best position your messaging to key IT decision-makers with expert reviewed content.

Demand Generation, Thought Leadership

Motion Graphics

Attract and engage users with IDG Motion Graphics. High-quality design that captivates and easily communicates complex content with animated or whiteboard motion graphics.

Engagement, Thought Leadership

Sponsored Webcasts

Take the work out of content development and speaker recruitment by sponsoring a webcast developed entirely by IDG.

Branding/Awareness, Demand Generation, Thought Leadership

Custom Webcast

Increase engagement to your marketing assets with a custom designed webcast.

Branding/Awareness, Demand Generation, Thought Leadership