Popular Demand with Triblio

This end-to-end global ABM solution will help you simplify your account-based marketing efforts from engagement and leads to sales activation. Built on IDG’s trusted 1st party data, targeting capabilities, and Triblio’s sales activation platform, Popular Demand with Triblio surrounds, engages, and generates leads from target accounts. Additionally, it provides sellers with a tool to activate and engage with accounts. Be wherever your audience is using Popular Demand with Triblio.

Branding/Awareness, Demand Generation

Editorial SMB Newsletter Sponsorships

Reach our avid and loyal SMB subscribers with this 100% SOV newsletter sponsorship.



For the first time, IDG’s first-party data insights, including human-verified connections, are available to you. Neon improves your targeting outcomes and gives you access to IDG’s 300M+ audience profiles.

Branding/Awareness, Demand Generation

Over-The-Top Media

IDG's OTT Media reaches engaged technology buyers while they stream their favorite shows.

Branding/Awareness, Demand Generation

Editorial B2C Newsletter Sponsorships

Leverage IDG’s trusted B2C newsletters to get your organization’s message noticed through contextually relevant sponsorships.


InStream Video Ads

IDG's InStream Video Ads generate quality video views and drives traffic to your landing page.

Branding/Awareness, Demand Generation

Programmatic Solutions

IDG’s private marketplace connects qualified buyers and sellers through a cutting-edge automated buying platform.

Branding/Awareness, Engagement


IDG’s BANT program allows you to dive deeper into a lead to uncover qualifiers that can be challenging to confirm via organic lead generation.

Branding/Awareness, Demand Generation

Review Boost

Boost exposure of your IDG editorial review.


P1 Complete

P1 Complete surrounds pertinent editorial content with your brand messaging and uses 1st party data to build buyer profiles to drive leads from surging accounts.

Branding/Awareness, Thought Leadership

CSO50 Digital Magazine

The interactive CSO50 Digital Magazine delivers premium, original content to security executives who are seeking more information on security solutions and best practices.

Branding/Awareness, Demand Generation

Native Playlist

Brand to demand native experience that allows you to build equity around key topics.

Branding/Awareness, Engagement, Thought Leadership