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Our unique product specs highlight extensive opportunities with our premium B2B and B2C editorial brands, vetted for quality. Each brand has a distinct editorial voice, attracting audiences with differing interests and purchase intent. Use the filters below to refine your search.

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B2C Digital Issue Sponsorships

Expand brand awareness to a global audience of loyal enthusiasts and reach subscribers across the world by sponsoring PCWorld and Macworld’s digital issues. Packages are exclusive to one advertiser.


B2C Tech Interscroller

This engaging 300x600 or 300x250 custom banner features reactive animation and visual effects to communicate an awareness message.


Blogger Vault

Deliver additional content to your audience by leveraging influential bloggers.


BrandPost Classic

Showcase your thought leadership on a selected topic with the native approach of a blog. These sponsored blogs provide a similar experience as a typical IDG editorial blog, but use your branded content.

Engagement, Thought Leadership

BrandPost Custom Content

Don't have time or resources to dedicate to BrandPost? Let IDG Strategic Marketing Services help with their content creation services.

Thought Leadership

Co-Branded Email Blasts

Leverage the IDG brands to get your organization’s name, brand and solutions noticed ... and read!


Commercial/Narrative Video

Generate brand awareness through storytelling with Commercial/Narrative video.


Content Socialization

Amplify the reach of your latest and greatest content assets with socialization.

Branding/Awareness, Engagement

Content Syndication

You've invested in creating and packaging this content, now let us help you drive the traffic and get it read. Our resource libraries are active visitor destinations for IT decision-makers.

Branding/Awareness, Demand Generation

Crowdsourced Content

Shape the market conversation and drive thought leadership with the Crowdsourced Content program.

Branding/Awareness, Engagement, Thought Leadership

Custom Webcast

Increase engagement to your marketing assets with a custom designed webcast.

Branding/Awareness, Demand Generation, Thought Leadership

Custom Webcast: Analyst Perspective

Encourage exploration and interaction with program content to explain and reinforce your message with the addition of an IDC analyst to your webcast.

Branding/Awareness, Demand Generation, Thought Leadership

Drop Tab

Generate exposure and launch multiple panels from the leaderboard position upon mouse over. Panels can feature multiple assets, dive deep into 1 asset or display RSS feeds.

Branding/Awareness, Demand Generation

Editorial B2C Newsletter Sponsorships

Leverage IDG’s trusted B2C newsletters to get your organization’s message noticed through contextually relevant sponsorships.


eGuide Sponsorship

Leverage award-winning content to capture qualified leads and fill your sales pipeline.

Demand Generation, Thought Leadership

Enhanced Content Spotlight

While providing a consistent brand message, this ad unit starts with animation and provides more information upon roll over.


Expandable Billboard Ad Unit

Foster brand awareness and engagement with this interactive banner that expands to a canvas on your screen.


Fireplace Ad

Fireplace uses the exterior real estate on each side of the homepage to enhance your campaign and step up your branding efforts.


Go Big Video

This expandable ad unit uses a video library and social sharing tools to drive engagement.

Branding/Awareness, Engagement

Home Page Roadblock

Raise brand awareness with this high impact branding opportunity. A Roadblock allows you to have ownership of the leaderboard and IMU ad units on a site’s home page or category page.