Product Specs

Solutions to Fill Your Pipeline

Our unique product specs highlight extensive opportunities with our premium B2B and B2C editorial brands, vetted for quality. Each brand has a distinct editorial voice, attracting audiences with differing interests and purchase intent. Use the filters below to refine your search.

Custom Webcast: Analyst Perspective

Encourage exploration and interaction with program content to explain and reinforce your message with the addition of an IDC analyst to your webcast.

Branding/Awareness, Demand Generation, Thought Leadership

Drop Tab

Generate exposure and launch multiple panels from the leaderboard position upon mouse over. Panels can feature multiple assets, dive deep into 1 asset or display RSS feeds.

Branding/Awareness, Demand Generation

Editorial B2B Newsletter Sponsorships

Leverage IDG’s trusted brand newsletters to get your organization’s message noticed through contextually relevant sponsorships.


Editorial B2C Newsletter Sponsorships

Leverage IDG’s trusted B2C newsletters to get your organization’s message noticed through contextually relevant sponsorships.


Editorial SMB Newsletter Sponsorships

Reach our avid and loyal SMB subscribers with this 100% SOV newsletter sponsorship.


eGuide Sponsorship

Leverage award-winning content to capture qualified leads and fill your sales pipeline.

Demand Generation, Thought Leadership

Expandable Billboard Ad Unit

Foster brand awareness and engagement with this interactive banner that expands to a canvas on your screen.


Fireplace Ad

Fireplace uses the exterior real estate on each side of the homepage to enhance your campaign and step up your branding efforts.


Full Page Takeover

Visually rich, high-impact homepage and point-of-entry presence on premium editorial content. Full Page Takeover of all available ad units complete with page skins and multiple options for top ad unit space .

Home Page Roadblock

Raise brand awareness with this high impact branding opportunity. A Roadblock allows you to have ownership of the leaderboard and IMU ad units on a site’s home page or category page.


IDG Event Services

Create your own turnkey event that best fits your marketing goals. Think of IES as an extension of your internal team that will organize an event with your objectives in mind.

Branding/Awareness, Demand Generation, Engagement, Thought Leadership

IDG Studio Shoot

IDG’s studio shoot brings experts to the camera to showcase their thought leadership.

Thought Leadership

Inbound Messenger

This expanding unit takes advantage of an XL leaderboard and large expansion.

Branding/Awareness, Demand Generation

Influencer Outreach

Reach and engage new audiences with sponsored blog posts written by IDG’s network of technology influencers.

Engagement, Thought Leadership

Infographic Creation

Engaging and intuitive infographics from research results to provide your audience with easily digestible key findings and conclusions.

Branding/Awareness, Thought Leadership

Infotorial Ad Unit

Communicate your brand story while providing valuable insights.

Branding/Awareness, Engagement

InStream Video Ads

IDG's InStream Video Ads generate quality video views and drives traffic to your landing page.

Branding/Awareness, Demand Generation


Lead nurturing based on content and topical interest.

Branding/Awareness, Demand Generation


Insightful and timely research based on leading views, which then positions you as a market visionary and leader.

Demand Generation, Thought Leadership

Motion Graphics

Attract and engage users with IDG Motion Graphics. High-quality design that captivates and easily communicates complex content with animated or whiteboard motion graphics.

Engagement, Thought Leadership