Ad Unit

A high impact creative unit that allows you to present your product or solution in a Q&A format that will engage your target customers. The AdVisor uses a question & answer format to deliver assets around a specific topic, provides sponsor branding and is a turnkey way to drive leads to multiple assets.

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Initial Dimensions


Expanded Dimensions


IDG Build Time (working days)


Implementation Notes & Best Practices

  • Runs in 970×98 ad space, leaderboard position.


  • Logo in .eps or hi-resolution .jpg format (brand guidelines if needed).
  • Background imagery (970×268, 950×268), if none provided, appropriate background will be selected.

Q & A / Collapsed Banner

  • Main question, i.e., “How can you increase your ROI using virtualization?” (50-75 character limit including spaces).
  • Name of topic library to appear on the top right side navigation in the ad unit.


  • Provide 3-7 assets (minimum of 3 White Papers, maximum of 2 non-White Paper assets, ie., video).
  • Please submit a title for each asset (40-50 character limit including spaces).
  • Description for each asset (250-300 character limit including spaces for each asset).
  • Call to action for each asset (40-50 character limit including spaces for each asset).
  • Destination URL to asset or PDF of asset.
  • Provide contact information for individuals who will receive the lead reports (if applicable).



Combined Video File Weight - All Videos (MB)


Maximum # of Assets


Max Video Length

No limit, but combined file size of all videos cannot exceed 10MB.

Hot Spot

Not to exceed 1/4 size of ad. Only initiated when cursor rests on hotspot for at least .5-sec. Must NOT initiate audio.

Submission Lead-Time

10 days


  • Impressions and clicks reporting available
  • Lead reports will be sent 1 week from the campaign launch and will be formatted in excel. Reports will be delivered thereafter on a weekly basis until the lead goal or end date has been met.
  • If lead report template is applicable, please send prior to campaign launch.
  • Clients are allowed to provide up to five competitors to be removed from the weekly lead reports at the start of a campaign.

  • Bogus and duplicate leads are removed. All qualified leads will have what appears to be a correctly formatted valid email or phone number supplied by our users.
  • Category: Ad Units, Demand Generation
  • Type: Lead Generation

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