Ad Unit

This custom functionality program allows advertiser’s to bring relevant blog posts, videos, research, and more into a single ad experience. The Blog Post Ad Unit can also build social sharing buttons throughout the unit for seamless sharing without leaving the ad unit.

General Specs

  • Company logo – .AI or .EPS (Required)
  • Company Style Guide
  • Product Images / General Creative (i.e. Banners)
  • Layered .PSD or High Res .jpg, .gif, .pdf or .png and associated Fonts
  • URL to a webpage to be used as the basis for “look & feel” of the unit, if applicable
  • Call to action description based on supplied content
  • Must be 50 characters or less including spaces, for some ad units it may be less. Detailed information provided as requested.
  • A re-direct URL to click to 3rd party Impression and click trackers if required
  • Based on type of ad unit:
    • Video (if required)
    • Video embed link like YouTube or MP4 preferred but will accept .FLV
    • Content assets (if required)
    • Whitepapers, infographics, articles, blogs etc. PDF or word doc format
    • Flash Creative (if required)
    • Native .FLA and associated Fonts


  • One ad unit
  • Bi-weekly engagement reporting: Click thru, engagement, downloads, dwell rate, interaction rate, etc.


  • Initial Dimensions (WxH in pixels): 300×250
  • Expanded Dimensions (WxH in pixels): 900×700

Program Schedule

Production time: 1-3 weeks


Clickthrough: Any click within the ad that links a user to an outside URL. Note that clicks that lead to a download are considered Clickthroughs as well.

Clickthrough Rate (CTR): A derived metric that measures the number of Clickthroughs per ad Impression. The CTR for an ad is calculated as: [Total Clickthroughs] / [Total Impressions]. Note that it is possible to have multiple Clickthroughs for a single Impression.

Collapse: An event triggered when an expansion unit is closed (i.e. when the ad is collapsed).

Engagement: An Impression with at least one user-initiated event. An Engagement is triggered when the first user-initiated event is recorded for an ad. There can only be one Engagement per Impression.

Engagement Rate (ER): A derived metric that measures the percentage of Impressions that result in a unique Engagements. This metric is a gauge of user interest in the ad. It is calculated as:
[Total Engagements] / [Total Impressions]

Expand: An event triggered when an expansion unit is opened (i.e. when the ad is expanded).

Follow: An event triggered when the Twitter “Follow” button is clicked.

Impression: An event triggered when an ad is initially loaded.

Interaction: The total number of user-initiated events such as expansions, tab clicks, button clicks, clickthroughs, video plays, etc. out of total impressions served [Total Interactions/Total Impressions]

Interaction Rate (IR): A derived metric that measures the ratio between the total number of Interactions and the total number of Impressions for an ad. This is calculated as:
[Total Interactions] / [Total Impressions]

Play: An event triggered when a video begins playing in the ad. This can be an Interaction if a user starts the video play, or an Automatic Event if the video starts playing automatically.

Scroll: An event triggered when a scrollbar is engaged for the first time. If you engage the same scrollbar multiple times, only the first scroll will be tracked.

Share: An event triggered when the user initiates a share to a social network (Twitter, LinkedIn, Yahoo!, others) or to SMS/email. Items that can be shared include but are not limited to the entire ad, YouTube videos, links within the ad, mobile applications, feeds, and images. Please note that not all of these items can be shared on every medium.

Share Clicked: An event triggered when somebody clicks on a URL that was shared through your ad via a Share event or a QR code referral. This is a special event (it is neither an Interaction nor an Automatic Event), because it happens outside of the ad. Note that an ad will often have more (sometimes many more) Share Clicked events than Share events, because a single Share can generate multiple Share Clicked events. In addition, note that while a QR code scan from your ad is not tracked as a Share event, it will nevertheless generate Share Clicked events when the referred URL is clicked.

Tab Click: An event triggered when a tab is selected. This can be an Interaction if a user triggers the tab switch, or an Automatic Event if the ad is programmed to switch tabs automatically.

Average Time on Unit: The average time users have spent with the ad content.

Video Play: See Play.

  • Category: Ad Units, Audience, B2B, B2C, Marketing Services
  • Type: Content Services

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