BrandPost Classic

Insight and expertise are critical traits for companies working to become valued strategic partners. BrandPost Classic allows you to share valuable content and gain 3rd party brand credibility with IDG site visitors through seamless native blog integration. These sponsored blogs provide a similar user experience as a traditional IDG editorial blog but instead use your branded content.

General Specs

  • Select one (1) IDG brand of choice to host your BrandPost. Program content will be promoted natively across IDG editorial feeds and in-article the same way editorial content is promoted.
  • Includes 3 months hosting of up to (12) articles, either supplied by client* or created by IDG for the program


3-month metrics include: 

  • 2 million promotional impressions via content recommendation links and/or native display and editorial newsletters across IDG sites
  • 10,000 guaranteed page views on BrandPost content

Preliminary Deliverables

Brand Logo

  • File format & size – [transparent] PNG / 150px (height) x 150px (width)

Company Name

  • As it should appear on the BrandPost

BrandPost (Blog) Name

  • This is the name for the entire BrandPost for the life of the program and should be less than 50 characters including spacing

About Module

  • This is a brief blurb that describes the blog
  • 30 words or less

Client Banners and Clickthrough URLs

  • 728×90 & 300×250 standard ad units or ad tags
  • 3rd Party Tracking: 1×1 impression tracker and/or clickthrough tracker
    • Accepted Tags: Ad servers – all accepted (i.e., DFA, Atlas, Media Mind)

Social Links (Optional)

  • Facebook: URL to client’s account
  • Twitter: Client generated Twitter Widget ID that consists of 18 digits. (Instructions on page 12:

Promotional Impressions

  • Headline – 90 characters max including spaces.
  • Preview Text – 200 characters max including spaces
  • Preview Image – File Formats & Size: PNG, JPG/200 x 133px (width)
  • 3rd Party Tracking accepted – 1×1 impression tracker (Accepted Tags: Ad Servers – All accepted (i.e., DFA, Atlas, Media Mind))

BrandPost Article Page

  • Article Copy – 250 – 1000 words
  • Max File Size – 10 MB/10,240K max
  • # of images accepted – 5 Max (File formats & size – PNG, JPG/700 wide x 467 high minimum)
  • Raw video assets or YouTube/Vimeo embed (URL link to video) accepted
  • Units are able to embed other units, as well as iFrame lead gen short forms, polls etc.


We believe that native advertising should be relevant and useful to the IDG audience. Any submission that violates the IDG guidelines below can be rejected. If you are unsure whether your content is acceptable, please contact your sales representative or the dedicated IDG program manager assigned to your program.

  • It is not appropriate in IDG native advertising programs to push a product or to deliver a sales message. Native ads are meant to engage readers with new narrative and drive brand consideration, not purchase, of a product or service. Content submissions that are clearly made in the format of a “sales pitch” will be rejected.
  • Content must be relevant to the audience. Content that is not relevant to the audience can be rejected by IDG.
  • Content that is perceived as spam can be rejected.
  • IDG determines the professionalism and appropriateness of any native ad submission, and reserves the right to refuse any native placement it believes is unsuitable.

Following best practices when creating your native content can help ensure the success of your campaign. We are happy to provide you with direction in relation to key considerations and strategies for crafting impactful native advertising content that delivers results.

Program Schedule

Production: 1-2 weeks

In-Market Duration: 3 months