BrandPost Custom Content

IDG’s BrandPost program purchased with content leverages over 50+ years of knowledge and best practices in understanding how to create an editorial following, building long affinity and trust with IT practitioners. Our senior editorial staff provides the content strategy and the resources to build your audience and meet your goals and objectives. The BrandPost Custom Content program includes all of the specifications of BrandPost, but with the addition of content creation services.

General Specs

Includes all of the specifications of BrandPost, but with the addition of content creation services.

  • Select one (1) brand of your choice to host your Brandpost and the content will be promoted across IDG sites in the same way editorial content is promoted.
  • Includes A/B testing of headlines/images and copyediting for supplied articles (up to 24).


BASIC Package:

  • Ten (10), 500 word blog posts.
  • Content is based on hot trends, news, analysis etc.
  • Does not include SME interviews or review cycles

PREMIUM Package:

  • Ten (10), 500 word blog posts
  • Includes SME interviews and client review cycles

View the BrandPost Classic program for more information.

Upgrade Options

Brandpost @ Scale:

  • 30,000 page views on blog posts
  • 900,000 RON impressions*

*Impressions can be targeted pending availability. Please contact your sales representative for info.