CIO Executive Dinner with Panel

Engage your most important clients, face-to-face.

CIO Executive Dinners with a panel are an opportunity to engage with leading information technology executives in an informal setting over dinner and spark a discussion based on a panel conversation of 2-3 sponsor-secured panelists–these discussions are the perfect way to showcase your partners or customers. Moderated by a CIO executive, this vibrant conversation will bring to life the chosen topic. This dinner includes: content planning and delivery, logistics and attendee acquisition of the highest caliber IT executives in the region. We’ll keep you informed every step of the way.


Executive Dinner attendees are recruited from the CIO audience. They have an established relationship with our organization and know that their time will be well spent. You’ll get executive decision makers with the purchase
authority for your IT solutions.


Title: Director and above
Company: 500+ Employees
100% involved in IT purchase process

Sponsor Benefits

  • Full service topic selection and content development
  • Professional and personal panel moderation by CIO executive
  • Turnkey attendee acquisition
  • Timely registration reporting
  • On-site presence
  • Attendee list with full business card information

Content Focus

The role of today’s CIO and other senior IT executives supersedes the nuts and bolts of technology. As IT is expected to both cut costs and drive innovation, the CIO has become a strategic business executive who wears many hats. As the advocate for CIOs since 1987, we know the business challenges of information technology executives better than anyone else. We can deliver a topic plan that will meet your communication objectives, while creating compelling content to drive attendance to your event.