CIO Think Tank

The CIO Think Tank program is a thought leadership platform. Focused on a single topic/emerging technology this program brings together the sponsor, with a group of elite CIOs to create a roadmap for that technology, creating a leadership position in the marketplace that will be supported and validated by additional discussions with CIOs at additional events, and covered by IDG B2B media to amplify the topic through earned media. This event format can be designed with virtual or face-to-face components.


  • Conversation will be informed by IDG MarketPulse research conducted in advance of the CIO Think Tank virtual session discussion.
  • Moderated discussion – with an IDG executive moderator, will expose thoughts, aspirations and concerns about a key emerging technology.
  • As an equal participant in these discussions, partners have the opportunity to share strategic vision and product/service roadmap.
  • Participants will establish a roadmap of enterprise needs for the emerging technology in focus.
  • A smaller group of participants will continue the conversation in ‘Outpost’ sessions at other IDG events throughout the year.
  • Discussions will inform a year-long engagement and media exposure with roadmap report, video and monthly edit coverage of topic.
  • Conversations will be continued and extended in an ongoing Community Works® microcommunity built and managed by IDG.
  • Opportunity to create and distribute additional content on the CIO Think Tank topic on IDG sites.

Sponsor Benefits


  • IDG MarketPulse Study on discussion topic with input/review from the Partner. Results will be shared during the event and used to inform the discussion.

Interactive Discussion:

  • Voice at the table: Access to the entire event, both on- and off-the-record sessions.


  • “Roadmap Report” capturing key discussion points
  • Sponsorship of 4 video vignettes based on editorial coverage of the discussion or 1-on-1 interviews with participants
  • 2 additional ‘Outpost’ panel discussions to be held at IDG Events throughout the year
  • Founding member/participant of Community Works® microcommunity built around Think Tank topic

Content Focus


AI / Machine Learning | IoT | Edge Computing | Blockchain for Business | Workplace of the Future | Multicloud Computing

CIO Think Tank takes a deep dive into one emerging technology topic to allow for a fruitful discussion among a formidable group of thought leaders. The discussion, during this half-day, invitation-only virtual event, will include:

  • 8-10 CIOs/IT Executives
  • IDG Editors
  • IDC Analyst
  • Optional: Venture Capitalists*
  • Partner Executives

* Based upon mutual agreement