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CIO Think Tank

Exclusive Access to Peers and Industry Experts on the Technology Issues Shaping Business

From artificial intelligence to blockchain, IoT to robotics and more, the technologies of the future are here – and IT innovators are already thinking about ways to harness these emerging technologies for competitive advantage. Don’t pass up an exclusive opportunity to share ideas about the leading edge of digital transformation with experienced IT and business leaders, editors, and industry analysts.

CIO Think Tank brings together a group of 8-10 CIOs from large enterprises in an intimate and non-competitive setting. The discussion will focus on a single technology topic to allow for a deep, fruitful discussion among a formidable group of thought leaders.


This event will attract 8-10 CIOs from large companies across all industries. As an invitation-only event, all attendees are hand-vetted to include qualified titles, companies, and buyers.

  • 8-10 CIOs/IT Executives
  • IDG Editors
  • IDC Analysts
  • Optional: Venture Capitalists*
  • Sponsor Partner Executives


*Based upon mutual agreement

Sponsor Benefits

Sponsor participation provides access to a unique and exclusive platform for thought leadership, market leadership and visibility for any organization looking to heighten its profile and innovation focus. In addition to providing face-to-face networking time with a select group of IT executives, this event creates a thought leadership platform that extends well beyond the day.

Content Focus

Peer insights, combined with independent expertise (editors, analysts, and venture capitalists) and critical perspective from a sponsor partner, will shape how leaders define, validate and measure how their organizations move forward in key and emerging areas of digital transformation.

An IDG facilitator will probe different viewpoints to establish the potential of a given technology, the barriers to adoption, and the steps organizations can take to bring value to their business. This two-hour conversation is captured for use on IDG’s editorial properties, with your company as the premier partner.

The remaining two hours go deeper as the conversation turns private in an NDA session. Members are able to speak freely to share progress and information. Your front row seat to this candor includes floor time to ask the group for feedback on questions of your choice.

Prediction Markets:

Prediction Markets are the best method to predict unmet, unknown, and emerging market needs and trends. IDG’s Prediction Markets Program asks technology and LOB decision makers about what they believe will happen within their industries/areas of expertise in a fun and engaging experience. Each CIO Think Tank will include a Prediction Market, fielded in advance of the event, featuring 5-10 questions based on the topic. The results will be used to inform the agenda or drive additional discussion among attendees.

Technology Topics:

  • AI 2.0
  • Industrial IoT
  • Edge Computing
  • Blockchain for Business
  • GDPR and Beyond
  • Multi-Cloud Computing
  • Category: Audience, B2B, Demand Generation, Events, Regional, Roundtable
  • Brand: CIO

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