Leverage an IDG brand to get your organization’s name, brand and solutions noticed … and read! Co-Branded e-mail states “Brought to you by [IDG brand name]”

Program Details

  • Co-Branded e-mail states “Brought to you by [IDG Brand]”
  • Client provides basic content (see specs for details)
  • IDG Enterprise will provide “Best Practices” to optimize results

Implementation Notes & Best Practices


  • Co-Branded E-mail will state “Brought to you by [IDG brand name].”
  • E-mail Best Practice Highlights
    Always use a strong subject line; this often determines if the e-mail gets opened.
    Content should be easy to scan. Readers scan for points of interests; use chunks of content with white space between.
    Do not use red, white or gray text. It decreases deliverability and reputation because most ISPs use it to identify SPAM.
  • Turnaround/Build Time: Creative not received 5 days before email deployment may not run as scheduled. Please deliver creative on time.

Please note:

  • Regarding Suppression Files:
    Applying client opt-out files is legally unnecessary and will limit the number of qualified IT professionals available to you. Many IT professionals choose IDGE as their trusted source, and request we filter and send topically relevant programs to them. Removing this qualified IDGE audience via a client’s suppression file is discouraged.
  • Regarding the Co-Branded E-mail Blast Format:
    Text e-mail promotions with minimal images are deployed for the best deliverability and response rates with the IDGE audiences. HTML increases the likelihood of the blast being caught in spam filters as well as increases the likelihood of the blast encountering technical/visual obstacles as pre-defined code will be adjusted to fit into the framework of our e-mail deployment platforms and would require longer turnaround times and additional testing prior to deployment.


HTML Creative*

  • No background images (they do not render in Outlook)
  • Max table width of 600 px
  • No JavaScript coding embedded
  • E-mail Subject Line: 70 character limit including spaces
  • Final HTML creative
  • Test and Seed list**

Non-HTML Creative

  • Company Logo in .jpg format (350×50 max. dimensions)
  • E-mail Subject Line: 70 character limit including spaces
  • E-mail Body Text: 250-300 character limit including spaces (Please include 2 “call to actions” within the copy if possible)
  • Destination URL
  • Test and Seed list**

*Co-branded email in HTML format as illustrated above in the example.

**The test list includes e-mail addresses of those you would like to receive the test of the e-mail blast and the seed list includes those you would like to receive the actual deployment of the blast.


One time report on total clicks and unique clicks, sent 1 week from deployment.

  • Category: Audience, B2B, B2C, Marketing Services
  • Type: Content Services, Email

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