Content Service

A detailed overview of your content shortfalls, and insight into where you can offer new, more valuable content that will position your company as a thought leader in the marketplace! IDG will conduct an assessment of your supplied assets and compare the alignment of content types to the IT purchase process.  Assessment includes a review of each asset for clarity, title appeal, length, time period, and how each piece relates to your value proposition. Also includes content mapping and a gap analysis to determine the content types that are needed or lacking.

General Specs

  • Client supplied assets
  • 30 assets or less (text-based documents, webcasts, videos, etc.)
  • 20 page max on documents; 45 minute max on webcasts, 15 minute max on videos/interactive assets.


  • Content Review
    • Clarity, title appeal, length, time period, etc.
    • How each piece relates to a client’s value proposition
  • Content Mapping
  • Content Gap Analysis

Program Schedule

  • From kick off call to delivery: 7 to 10 business days
    • For each additional 20 assets add on (incurs an additional fee) another 3 business days

Upgrade Options

  • Custom white papers
  • Webcasts
  • Infographics
  • Videos
  • Custom Research
  • Motion Graphics


Assessment will be delivered via Word Doc broken out by buying stage

  • Category: Audience, B2B, B2C, Marketing Services
  • Type: Content Services

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