Content Socialization

IDG can create companion social posts for our clients to use across LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter. Leverage our IT expertise to identify the top two or three talking points most likely to gain attention, along with the production of related social posts for use by your organization.


  • Social media engagement planning per asset:
    • Three (3) tweets, two (2) Facebook post(s), one (1) LinkedIn post, two (2) images per asset
    • Editorial planning (ex. date/time, #Hashtag and influencers to mention) delivered in a Word Doc file (written calendar suggesting publishing data and time)
  • Client supplies assets or articles (no minimum)
  • Guaranteed 5-6 posts per asset

Program Schedule

In-Market Duration: 1-2 months (client or SMS promotions)

Production: 2-3 weeks

Upgrade Options

  • Custom content development
  • Crowdsourced content
  • SMart advertising
  • Influencer Promotion
  • Advocacy Accelerator