Crowdsourced Content

When looking to shape the market conversation and drive thought leadership, Crowdsourced Content solutions generate unique, engaging content and earned media distribution. Once the topic and question(s) are approved by you, IDG’s Marketing Services team conducts outreach through its deep pool of market experts, influencers, customers, editors and analysts to solicit multiple perspectives (quotes) and weaves these viewpoints into one cohesive story.


  • Standard Article: approx. 1,000 words featuring 10-20 participants (500 guaranteed page views)
  • Custom content created from a range of market leader, blogger, customer, analyst and influencer input, featuring the client point of view.
  • Crowdsourced content typically generates an average of 150 – 500 shares (results vary by topic, audience, number of contributors, and other factors).

Program Schedule

In-Market Duration: depends on client usage

Production: 6-8 weeks

Upgrade Options

  • BrandPost
  • PDF formatting for supplemental distribution