CSO Executive Roundtables

CSO Executive Roundtables are your most effective way to engage in a two-way conversation with an intimate group of prospects and customers. Your custom content allows attendees to self-select based on their interests so your executives can engage in an active dialogue–over 2.5 hours–with people who have a vested interest in the topic at hand. As the sole sponsor, the environment provides for more in-depth conversations than most face-to-face events can provide, allowing you to develop or deepen relationships with people who have self-identified as eager to learn more about your products and solutions, and how they can create business value within their organization.


Roundtable attendees are recruited from the CSO database. They have an established relationship with our organization and know that their time will be well spent. You’ll get executive decision-makers with the purchase authority for your
security solutions.


Title: Director and above
Company: 500+ Employees
100% involved in security and/or IT purchase process

Sponsor Benefits

  • Full service topic selection and content development
  • Supplied moderator
  • Turnkey attendee acquisition
  • Timely registration reporting
  • On-site presence and brand visibility
  • Attendee list with full business card information

Content Focus

The role of today’s security and IT executives supersedes the nuts and bolts of security and technology. Effective security practices are expected to minimize risk and response time of a security event without disrupting an organization’s operations and efficiencies. As the advocate for security and IT executives, we know their business challenges better than anyone else.
Because of that knowledge, we can deliver a topic plan that will meet your communication objectives, while at the same time create compelling content to drive attendance to your event.