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Custom Webcast: Analyst Perspective

IDG’s Custom Webcasts encourage exploration and interaction with program content to explain and reinforce your message. They provide additional context to your marketing assets and allow the viewer to make an immediate connection with your brand. For extra impact add in an IDC analyst as your guest speaker. Webcasts rank very high as content used during the tech purchase process, so this offering packs twice the punch! Partnering with sister company IDC, your webcast will include an analyst portion, as well as a client presentation and Q&A. The webcast, up to 45 minutes, will be branded and marketed as client-sponsored, featuring IDC as a leading speaker on the topic, in conjunction with the client’s supplied speaker.


WEBCAST: Professionally moderated and ongoing editorial guidance and support to work with our IDC analyst and client-supplied webcast presentation and speakers.  We supply an experienced webcast producer and take care of all production logistics and customer service and support.

  • Webcast is 45 minutes in length and can be audio or video, on-demand or live.
  • Webcast is structure as 10-15 minutes IDC analyst, 10-15 minutes IDG moderator and client-supplied speaker, and 10-15 minutes Q&A
  • Client receives weekly webcast registration reports, final event reports, and downloadable webcast link.

LEAD GENERATION: Webcast hosted for 90 days, driving 150 leads* over this period of time.

Click here for information on our standard Custom Webcast program.

Program Schedule

  • Production: 5-6 weeks
  • In-Market Duration: 12 weeks