IDG Event Services

Face-to-face events provide the peer interaction needed for the IT community to do their job effectively. IDG’s Event Services (IES) allow you to create your own, turnkey event that best fits your marketing goals. Whether you’re looking for lead generation, relationship building, test messaging or market intelligence gathering—our custom events let you lead discussions with the IT decision-makers you need to reach. Think of IES as an extension of your internal team that will organize an event with your objectives in mind.


Face-to-face events, full of thought provoking content and relaxed networking opportunities, are your most effective way to engage in a two-way conversation with a right-size group of prospects and customers. Your custom content allows attendees to self-select based on their interests so you can engage in an active dialogue—over the right amount of time—with people who have a vested interest in the topic at hand. As the sole sponsor, you have the opportunity for more in-depth conversations than most face-to-face events can provide, allowing you to develop or strengthen relationships with people who have self-identified as wanting to understand your products and solutions, and how they can create business value within their organization.


Event attendees are recruited from our audience base. They have an established relationship with our brands and know that their time will be well spent. You’ll get face time with the decision-makers who have purchase authority for your IT solutions.

Sponsor Benefits

IES is able to fully customize any event to your specific marketing goals. We offer a variety of options to make your event a success. Our executive programs provide a platform of unmatched education and peer networking opportunities for thousands of IT professionals each year–and have for more than 45 years. Leverage our expertise in the industry to create a custom event to meet your needs.


Custom Event Services include:

  • Topic Selection/Content Guidance
  • Speaker Recruitment
  • Professional Moderation
  • Logistics, Registration, Venue, Food & Beverage Management
  • Project Management
  • Lead Ownership and Follow-Up

Content Focus

Event services include content development, which provides you with the opportunity to work with our knowledgeable content team to select a topic and provide subject matter direction that will resonate with your target audience. Standard to all content development efforts are session content and format design, speaker recommendations/recruitment, session titles/descriptions and presentation review of contracted speakers.



Additional options are available around format, content, operations and marketing services—just ask your sales executive for details.