Infographic Creation

Transform your data with engaging infographic design and storyboarding visuals. By creatively displaying research results, your customers will appreciate your insights more quickly and retain the message longer.

General Specs

  • Iconographic and visually takes viewers to a conclusion
  • 3 rounds of revisions
  • No research included
  • 500 words or less


2D Infographic:

  • Layout that visually takes the viewers to the conclusion you are trying to make
  • Ideal for key findings and recommendations from research
  • Final file delivered as a PDF
  • Does not include research, maximum of 400 words

Interactive Infographic:

  • Allows web viewers to interact with a visual depiction of your data
  • Ideal for explaining a process that allows customers and prospects to gain additional insight
  • Final file delivered as an HTML5 or Flash

Program Schedule

Production Timeline: 5-10 weeks

Upgrade Options

  • Longer form articles
  • Article layout templates (designed page)
  • Expand the number of communities for threading
  • Designed email format
  • Increase email deployment frequency/recipients
  • Editorial mapping: Strategic Marketing Services editors will consult with you on how to best position your messaging to your audience and craft it into dynamic, thoughtful and relevant content to drive your business. IDG will develop a concept for your Infographic which will include all outlining, writing, editing, design and layout.