Interactive eGuide

Interactive eGuide

IDG’s Interactive eGuide is a co-branded content portal which features 100% editorial-driven articles and compelling client content that engages, nurtures, and qualifies pipeline opportunities. It drives topical deep-dives among our audience of IT and line-of-business decision-makers while providing enhanced reporting to help convert leads.

Program Details

  • Registration form with business card data
  • Technology topic of choice
  • Sponsor’s logo featured within eGuide
  • Up to 5 client-supplied assets included as additional resources
  • Promotion includes:
    Email promotion (30,000 estimated impressions)
    E-newsletter promotion (30,000 estimated impressions)
    Other site promotions, based on available inventory
  • Timeline: Production: 5 business days
  • In-Market Duration: 12 weeks

IDG Build Time (working days)

5 business days from when creative is received/approved


  • Client Logo (.gif or .jpeg) 120×60.
  • Title for supplied asset 50-60 character limit.
  • Asset descriptions, no more than 50 words. Descriptions may be used as the basis for promotional copy. We develop promotional copy in-house and will optimize for our audience as needed.
  • Destination URL or PDF for each asset. If submitting a PDF file, maximum file size is 1 MB and PDF should be optimized for Web.
  • Provide contact information for individuals who will receive the lead reports (if applicable).

Submission Lead-Time

7-10 days from when creative is received


  • Bi-weekly enhanced digital reporting including:
    o Asset titles
    o Total view time
    o Velocity Index (interaction score)
    o Number of sessions
    o Reporting on client-supplied assets (titles & view time)
  • Lead reports will be sent 1 week from the campaign launch and will be formatted in excel. Reports will be delivered thereafter on a weekly basis until the lead goal or end date has been met.
  • If lead report template is applicable, please send prior to campaign launch
  • Clients are allowed to provide up to ten competitors to be removed from the weekly lead reports at the start of a campaign
  • Bogus and duplicate leads are removed. All qualified leads will have what appears to be a correctly formatted valid email or phone number supplied by our users.