Editorial Sponsorship

Monthly Tech Spotlight

IDG’s award-winning B2B editorial team amasses their collective brain trust to dive deep into a top-of-mind topic each month, covering it from the varying perspectives of the entire tech buying team. This content, combined into the Tech Spotlight series runs across IDG’s five B2B branded editorial sites and includes co-branded companion content.

General Specs


  • 100% ownership of digital advertising across all Tech Spotlight articles, across all sites, for one calendar month

Thought Leadership

  • 28-page Tech Spotlight Digital Magazine combining editorial content and sponsor material (4 pages of ads, advertorials or other assets)
  • 1-hour Tech Spotlight Twitter chat featuring 2 influencers
  • Sponsored Webcast syndicated for lead generation hosted for 3 months featuring an IDC Analyst and an IDG content strategist

  Lead Generation

  • 350 Leads delivered over three months: IT Director +, Company size 100+, All industries

*limit 1 sponsor per month/topic * Turnkey- no client involvement

Program Schedule

Production:  5-6 weeks (Twitter chat, Digital Magazine, Webcast)

In-Market Duration:Roadblock 1 month; Lead Gen 12 weeks