The Native Accelerator program uses both IDG Enteprise’s SMS content intelligence and program engagement data to immerse your target audience with knowledge, depth and clarity from your content topics and themes – driving users to specific solution areas within your domain. SMS leverages a wide range of social promotions, including LinkedIn, Facebook and Slideshare, along with overall targeting and native expertise in order to sustain targeting efforts so you can see optimized engagement rates.

General Specs

  • 1,200,000 guaranteed native impressions (across IDG Enterprise and social networking sites)
  • 3,500 guaranteed engagements (includes clickthroughs, shares, likes, follows, comments)


Multi-Platform Focus

  • Native marketing via highly visual and deeply integrated native media creation and placements on IDG Enterprise sites, IDG TechNetwork, social networks and key social influencer sites – across desktop and mobile platforms.

Content Anchor

  • IDG Enterprise’s expert editorial, social and creative teams will contextualize and visualize your content for native media promotion via short form copy and visual content types.

Near-Time Content Engagement

  • Fluid, near-time native copy created by IDG Enterprise SMS capitalizing on trends and audience interest.
  • Leverages our content intelligence and program engagement data to expose your content in a highly relevant manner.

Program Schedule

In-Market Duration: 4 weeks
Production Timeline: 4-5 weeks


  • Monthly reporting in Excel.
    • Reporting on all native units, campaigns and social data
    • Engagement metrics: A/B testing on native units, monitor clicks on landing pages, time spent on page, shares on your site
  • Final detailed report includes program conclusions and future content/social recommendations.
  • Category: Audience, B2B, Marketing Services
  • Type: Native Advertising

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