Native Playlist

IDG’s Native Playlist allows for modern native storytelling through integration with an IDG brand. Using linear narratives that have their own focus, but support the larger story, your message is showcased using multiple content assets to generate increased engagement. Content is presented to visitors in a logical flow to support a brand to demand strategy, and visitor’s follow a path, which funnels down into gated assets.

General Specs


  • Format: Linear scrolling content which also includes chapters for additional navigation
    • Includes two (2) different package options: Thought Leadership Package or Native to Nurture Package
  • Alignment to B2B and B2C brands
  • Up to 3 narratives, 12 assets max per narrative
    • Overview of the narratives located on the right sidebar of the page, and each have a different theme
    • Linear narratives – collection of content with a concrete beginning, builds with various chapters that add to the story, and ends in a solid conclusion
  • Allows for use of client-supplied assets with IDG custom created content. Can also include IDG editorial content

Program Schedule

In-Market Duration: 3 months