Account-Based Marketing

Pipeline Activator is the latest addition to IDG’s suite of account based marketing services, ABM360. The subscription-based service leverages IDG’s unmatched insight on technology buyers and the intelligence the company has on purchasing intent.

Through its owned and operated properties and advertising network, IDG captures billions of intent signals – data that indicates purchase interest –from users each month, providing deep intelligence about its audience’s needs at every stage of the purchase journey. 

The service drives qualified intelligence to support clients’ marketing and sales functions so that they can engage directly with the relevant buying team members.

Program Details

  • Subscribers to Pipeline Activator will receive a login to an interactive view featuring:
    • A global view of real-time IT project activity and buying intent at the account level for their target lists
    • Firmographic data, such as budgets and IT priorities
    • Exclusive verbatim interviews with buying decision-makers
    • Access to sales qualified leads
  • Marketing automation integration with Marketo, Salesforce and Eloqua



  • Target account list and topic area


  • Select your technology initiative and target audience (e.g. IT management, 1,000+ company size with planned Converged Infrastructure projects)
  • Category: Account-Based Marketing, Audience, B2B, Demand Generation

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