Account-Based Marketing

Popular Demand with Triblio

This end-to-end global ABM solution will help you simplify your account-based marketing efforts from engagement and leads to sales activation. Built on IDG’s trusted 1st party data, targeting capabilities, and Triblio’s sales activation platform, Popular Demand with Triblio surrounds, engages, and generates leads from target accounts. Additionally, it provides sellers with a tool to activate and engage with accounts. Be wherever your audience is using Popular Demand with Triblio.

Program Details

  • Client provides target account list (minimum of 500 accounts)
  • IDG Native Landing Page creation for up to 5 gated assets*
  • 3-month hosting
  • 1,500 minimum guaranteed visits of Native Landing page
  • Full funnel amplification & demand generation
    • 1x production of standard IAB ad units
    • 150,000 target account media impressions (using IDG 1st party data)
    • 300 target account leads

IDG Build Time (working days)

~3 weeks

Maximum # of Assets