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Where CIOs & CSOs Come to Manage Risk

As enterprises forge deeper into the digital realm, managing risk and security become even more important for senior information technology and security executives. And in today’s global, multi-cloud, multi-generational workplace, there’s risk in every corner – and the board wants to know what you are doing about it. Do you have the right mix of defenses? Are you spending the right amount on compliance vs. 3rd party concerns vs. employee awareness training?

SecurIT is the place where senior decisionmakers come to learn from peers and experts, and explore information security solutions to enhance their security posture. Take a seat at the table to hear their latest challenges and provide the expert insights they’re looking for.


This event will attract a regional audience of 75+ of the most influential information technology, security and business executives from mid-size to large companies across all industries. As an invitation-only event, all attendees are hand-vetted to include qualified titles, companies and buyers by IDG Communications’ Executive Programs team.

• Average IT Budget: $273 million
• Average Security Budget: $38.7 million
• Average Revenue: $8.9 billion
• Average Company Size: 25k employees

Sponsor Benefits

Sponsors have informal as well as structured opportunities to interact with attendees during the day. Vendor participation with attendees in the sessions adds depth and perspective to the conversations. Plus, there are numerous opportunities for one-on-one conversations throughout the program, including hosted discussions over breakfast, lunch or dinner.

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Venues and Locations

February 12, 2019, Atlanta, GA

May 8, 2019, Fort Worth, TX

June 20, 2019, New York, NY

November 6, 2019, Chicago, IL

Content Focus

Even as security remains the top spending priority, 41% of organizations lack a security strategy. At SecurIT, you’ll reach both security and IT leadership and have the opportunity to provide insights into building a robust security strategy as well as a collaborative environment so that organizations can be confident that they are spending in the right areas.

•  Elements of a World- Class Security Program
•  Managing Regulation and Compliance
•  Managing the IT/Security Relationship
•  Managing 3rd Party Risk or Skills Alignment
•  Awareness Training

Note: Date and location subject to change.

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