SMartAds uses IDG’s 1st party data and unmatched audience intelligence to analyze the right messages and placements on social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Our experts create a series of ads with customized copy and imagery tailored for specific social platforms, allowing for creative testing and optimization. Whether as a standalone service or part of an integrated program, SMartAds can drive awareness, content engagement and quality traffic to your site.

General Specs

Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn

  • 1,333 guaranteed clicks

LinkedIn ONLY

  • 800 guaranteed clicks

Target Account List

  • Minimum of 1,000 accounts


  • Client supplies up to two (2) links per program
  • IDG creates four (4) ads per social platform
  • Dedicated team: Social Strategist, Art Director and Program Manager
  • SMartAds deployed on IDG Tech Talk’s social channels using IDG 1st party data
  • Guaranteed KPI: Link Clicks
  • Reporting delivered via DOMO and inclusive of clicks, CTR, engagement, engagement rate and impressions

Program Schedule

Production: 3-4 weeks

In-Market Duration: 1 month minimum

Upgrade Options

  • SponsoredPosts
  • Brandpost
  • Crowd Sourced Content
  • Visual Snack Pack
  • Social Shout Out