Lead Generation

Target Account Lead Gen

As part of IDG’s suite of account based marketing services, ABM360, Target Account Lead Gen allows you to sharpen your lead generation efforts to focus only on the accounts with the greatest potential for your business. Provide us with a list of your target accounts, lead criteria and assets. Campaigns are then matched against our database and online audience to deliver the most relevant leads according to your objectives.

IDG Build Time (working days)

5 day turnaround

Implementation Notes & Best Practices

Before submitting target lists:

  • Are there any competitors on the list? After launch, no competitors will be filtered out.
  • Is this a worldwide campaign? We anticipate the majority of the leads to come from the United States.  Additional filters cannot be added.
  • If multiple assets are supplied, there is no guarantee that the leads will be distributed evenly over the assets.
  • Has the list been cleaned for personal titles (none, null, self-employed, etc.)?
  • Leads will be generated based on a company list only and will not accept a domain list.

If supplying multiple lists: 

  • Make sure companies are not listed on more than one list or they will receive leads from all initiatives.
  • Although we will market more than one list for a client at the same time, we cannot guarantee the leads will flow evenly for each list or that the leads will come evenly from an asset. If it is extremely important to get an even amount of leads for multiple lists, a lead goal will need to be assigned to each list up front (the goals will be smaller per list and will not exceed 300 over a quarter).


  • List of 1,000+ target accounts (must include company name)
  • One, complete final list. No competitors should be included with list submission (please see Best Practices)
  •  List to be in Excel file format
  •  3-month program
  •  Up to 5 assets provided by client
  • Submit advertiser name as it should appear.
  • Asset subject line as it will appear on [IDG B2B brand website] (50-60 character limit including spaces).
  • White Paper description as it will appear on [IDG B2B brand website] (250-300 character limit including spaces). Descriptions may be used as the basis for promotional copy. We develop promotional copy in-house and will optimize for our audience as needed.
  • Destination URL (ungated) or PDF for each Asset
  • If submitting a PDF file, maximum file size is 1 MB and PDF should be optimized for Web.
  • Provide contact information for individuals who will receive the lead reports (if applicable).


  • Lead reports will be sent 1 week from the campaign launch and will be formatted in excel. Reports will be delivered thereafter on a weekly basis until the lead goal or end date has been met.
  • If lead report template is applicable, please send prior to campaign launch.
  • Clients are allowed to provide up to five competitors to be removed from the weekly lead reports at the start of a campaign.
  • Bogus and duplicate leads are removed. All qualified leads will have what appears to be a correctly formatted valid email or phone number supplied by our users.