B2C Tech Interscroller

This engaging 300×600 or 300×250 banner features reactive animation and visual effects to communicate an awareness message. The ad may include photography and video, as well as custom design elements to visualize your product or solution prompting visitors to learn more from your additional content. Target your key customers and scale your message using IDG’s proprietary data targeting across our owned & operated brands.

Program Details

Program Details:

  • Custom-developed unit, size varies by platform (300×600 is desktop only; 300×250 is desktop and mobile)
  • Features supplied or custom content (scoped separately)

Submission Lead-Time

Production: 2-4 weeks from when creative is received/approved


Performance reporting available 24/7 via a campaign specific DOMO dashboard.

Reporting metrics will be updated regularly throughout the campaign:

  • Impression delivery
  • Interactions: average time on unit, click-throughs, hover metrics
  • If video is included: plays, pauses, mutes, completion rate