Virtual Event

Virtual Summit Series

IT transformation is a must-have imperative for business continuity and resilience. At these events, we’re bringing together the leaders and doers who can help the world’s leading IT and security decision-makers develop the roadmap they need to help drive their business forward. This virtual event series combines IDG’s technology and content expertise, professional event hosts, and first-class recruitment practices for the ultimate online experience.

Network with our IT audience as they navigate the event, deepen relationships with those invested in the topic and drive leads and revenue. Each event will have multiple live days over the duration of the event encouraging repeat visitors and deeper engagement. In addition to the always-on networking throughout the event, sponsors have the opportunity to raise their visibility and thought leadership within the agenda.


Engage with 275+ attendees from companies seeking solutions to transform their organizations. The conversations you begin at this event will continue to fill your sales pipeline in 2022 with decision-makers who are exploring new tech strategies.

Sponsor Benefits

  • Provide engagement with your target audience like a live event
  • Generate registrations/ leads using IDG’s 1st party insights and targeting
  • Build loyalty and credibility by leveraging IDG’s trusted brands
  • Generate click-throughs to your webcasts and content assets

Content Focus

Series Topics (by event start date)

  • CIO’s Future of Work Summit (February)
  • CSO’s Future of InfoSec Summit (March)
  • CIO’s Future of Cloud Summit (April)
  • CIO’s Future of Data Summit (May)
  • CIO’s Future of InfoSec Summit (June)
  • CIO’s Future of Work Summit (July)
  • CIO 100 Symposium & Awards (August)
  • CSO50 Conference + Awards (September)
  • CIO 100 Symposium + Awards – Act II (October)
  • CIO’s Future of Cloud Summit (November)
  • CSO50 Conference + Awards – Act II (December)

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