Content Syndication

Content Syndication

Receive double the exposure, additional leads and the brand awareness you need by posting two White Papers on IDG’s websites. With technology categories for easy navigation, the resource libraries are active visitor destinations. You’ve invested in creating and packaging this content, now let us help you drive the traffic and get it read. Expanding your White Paper distribution to our sites provides access to the top IT professionals searching for new and educational information to help them drive business advantage.

Program Details

  • 3 month listing in white paper library.
  • Choice of 5 keywords to describe white paper to enhance search optimization.
  • Hosted registration page, business card information plus 2 non-required custom questions.
  • Promotion includes:
  • E-mail promotion
  • E-newsletter promotion


Implementation Notes & Best Practices


  • Turnaround/Build Time: Up to 5 days from when creative is received.


  • Submit advertiser name as it should appear.
  • White Paper subject line as it will appear on [IDG B2B website]
    (50-60 character limit including spaces).
  • White Paper description as it will appear on [IDG B2B website]
    (250-300 character limit including spaces). Descriptions may be used as the basis for promotional copy. We develop promotional copy in-house and will optimize for our audience as needed.
  • Destination URL to White Paper or PDF of White Paper.
  • If submitting a PDF file, maximum file size is 1 MB and PDF should be optimized for Web.
  • Client may provide up to two non-required custom questions to be asked on the registration form in the form of multiple choice drop-down selects. Custom questions cannot be added to campaigns after they launch.
  • Client logo (.gif or .jpg) 120×60.
  • Provide contact information for individuals who will receive the lead reports (if applicable).



  • Lead reports will be sent 1 week from the campaign launch and will be formatted in excel. Reports will be delivered thereafter on a weekly basis until the lead goal or end date has been met.
  • If lead report template is applicable, please send prior to campaign launch.
  • Clients are allowed to provide up to five competitors to be removed from the weekly lead reports at the start of a campaign.
  • Bogus and duplicate leads are removed. All qualified leads will have what appears to be a correctly formatted valid email or phone number supplied by our users.