IDG CMO Perspectives: Sara Spivey, CMO, Bazaarvoice

Sara Spivey, Chief Marketing Officer of Bazaarvoice, discusses how Bazaarvoice uses segmentation to reach the right audience, the importance of data in delivering personalized customer experiences and why face-to-face events are still valuable for building relationships with prospects and clients.

Other interview highlights include: 

  • Reaching the right audience starts with definition and segmentation. (0:13)

  • Why Bazaarvoice makes sure prospects are further down the funnel before sending to sales. (0:35)

  • Using data to deliver more catered customer experiences. (1:19)
  • How Bazaarvoice uses data collected from interactions with consumer content. (1:54)
  • Why there is still value in face-to-face events. (3:18)
  • Sara’s reading recommendations for marketing and sales executives. (3:53)
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