Security Information & Event Management – What are Organizations Saying?

Security continues to hold its front and center position in business discussions as the transition to digital enterprises remains a focus. Because, the reality is – it isn’t a matter of if an attack will occur on a company, but rather when. As said by Jason Macy, CTO of Forum Systems, “While traditional solutions are a component of an overall cybersecurity strategy, a reliance solely on legacy technology puts organizations, customers and partners at substantial risk.” To explore the adoption of specific security solutions and which vendors users rely on to help them achieve their goals, CSO conducted the Vendor Scorecard research on security information and event management (SIEM).

As data continues to grow, SIEM is more important than ever – as the purpose of this technology is to collect, analyze and report event and network data in real time. The 2016 CSO Vendor Scorecard research on SIEM found that 76% of organizations say that SIEM technology is critical/very important when facing threats and attacks. This increases to 84% when looking by enterprise companies (1,000+ employees). Additionally, we looked at where organizations are in the adoption process:

  • 48% of organizations already have SIEM installed
  • 8% are in the process of installing
  • 14% have plans to implement over the next 12 months


As companies bring their adoption plans to reality, vendors have the opportunity to welcome new customers. The majority of survey respondents are still looking for the right solutions, and only 48% of organizations currently have an SIEM solution installed, which is why education and proof of concept for are so important to get and keep customers. To stand out and be selected, SIEM vendors must focus their solutions and conversations on effectiveness, integration with existing systems, automation, and customer service.



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