Smart Strategies to Supercharge Your Survey Responses Rates

Getting people to devote time to a research effort, whether it is an online survey, telephone survey or focus group requires a thoughtful approach. Response rates for online research in particular have indeed dropped off over time so it’s important to have a strategy to cut through the noise. Here are our five strategies to achieve the maximum response rates from your surveys.

survey-participants.jpgKnow your target audience:  Make sure your topic is attractive to the participants. Also, consider what type of data collection method (online survey, telephone survey, focus group, etc.) makes sense for both the topic and audience.



    1. Respect your participant’s time: Be honest and upfront about the length of time it will take to complete the survey. Balance the need to know everything against the reality of people’s available bandwidth.


    1. Privacy and data security best practices: Provide detailed privacy policies and opt-in requirements for sweepstakes. Be sure all data is collected via a secure server. Ensure your participants know you respect their privacy and take all the appropriate actions to protect data.


    1. Use appropriate incentives: Incentives make participating more appealing but they still need to resonate with the audience. Content or other information such as research summaries and white papers that are useful at work can be effective with IT and LOB decision makers, while for consumer surveys cash incentives work quite well.


    1. Produce interesting and engaging surveys: Ask questions on interesting topics. Optimize your survey for mobile users. Strive to create surveys that are engaging and interesting to complete – both from a design and content perspective.


These five strategies not only help increase the survey response rate and success of the overall research effort, but they make the experience enjoyable and meaningful to the participants as well. You want your participants to feel their time and privacy is valued and ultimately be willing to participate again when the next opportunity arises.


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