Stop Requalifying Your Leads and Drive Higher Conversion Rates

With the growing availability of robust intent signals, marketers must look beyond the standard contact business card data before delivering a lead to sales. B-to-B leads, in reality, are connected individuals who are part of a company’s complex buyer team. IDG research shows an average of 16 people in a buying team.

Now buyers are fully empowered with content and strong peer to peer networking channels and groups, so by the time they are ready to speak with sales they may be 60-90% down the buyer’s journey. That alone presents the biggest challenge for sales follow-up—how to connect with buyers without having to ask basic qualification questions, a task that neither buyer or seller has patience or willingness for.

As marketing teams look to drive high quality leads (HQLs), they must probe for valuable information that can deliver premium sales qualified leads (SQLs). Marketers should look for more defined business qualifiers, enriched account and sales enablement intelligence so that the sales conversation is a consultative experience that moves toward conversion.

HQL leads come with a lot of information—if used correctly they can drive pipeline opportunities and revenue. Unfortunately, we often see teams stumble because sales will follow up and attempt to requalify on the first conversation. This is a negative experience for everyone involved.

For over 53 years, IDG has been a partner to tech marketers looking to drive strong demand generation programs. With global capabilities in 147 countries, 47 languages and a database of 44M IT and business decision-makers, IDG is unmatched in our capabilities to deliver on the demand generation needs of the tech marketer. We recently launched Buyer Insights, a SQL lead product that delivers custom conversations led by IDG’s owned and operated contact center to help marketers uncover critical insights about target accounts. This enriched sales intelligence clearly outlines the conversation, identifies what is important to the recipient and sets expectations for the next conversation without sales needing to requalify. Our customers have seen an immediate impact on connecting with opportunities and driving higher conversion rates and pipeline opportunities.


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