TechNetwork from IDG

A Publisher-Driven Network

TechNetwork from IDG delivers premium technology audiences at scale, without sacrificing quality. The Network is powered by IDG’s first-party data to identify target audiences based on in-market purchase intent, anchored by IDG’s industry-leading flagship publications with over 50 years of editorial authority, and amplified by a focused global network of premium technology publishers, vetted for quality.

Our Quality

Strict quality control standards ensure advertisers are only associated with premium content in a brand-safe environment. We maintain partnerships with data, rich media, and ad verification partners to ensure best-in-class service solutions for our clients.

Our Audience

Our deep relationship with active consumers and influential business professionals creates a unique opportunity for tech marketers to engage with their target audiences.

  • Interactive Ad Units

    View all available TechNetwork ad units in IDG’s US Product Library

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  • Tech Media Exchange

    IDG’s private marketplace, the industry’s first tech-focused private ad exchange, efficiently and effectively delivers upon the global buying needs of tech advertisers. Our Private Marketplace is a transparent solution for all agencies, trade desks, and DSP’s to access quality inventory in an intelligent manner across a variety of media platforms and ad packages.

    Our programmatic marketplace is a unified platform solution that delivers:

    • Global access to IDG’s multi-channel inventory pool
    • IDG’s DMP for real-time data segmentation and targeting efficiency
    • Increased performance through uniform ad formats and packages
    View IDG's 2017 Programmatic Buying Study
  • For Publishers

    Leveraging IDG’s global audience and decades of technology expertise, we have developed a community of high-quality technology and non-endemic publishers unmatched in the market.


    • Worldwide sales team
    • Deep relationships with top-tier advertisers
    • High engagement
    • Custom programs and solutions
    • Revenue opportunities across multiple platforms
    • Ease of billing & financial management


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