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A Publisher-Driven Network

  • IDG TechNetwork delivers premium technology audiences at scale, without sacrificing quality.

    • Anchored by IDG’s industry-leading flagship publications with over 30 years of editorial authority
    • Amplified by a focused global network of premium technology publishers, vetted for quality
    • Powered by IDG first-party data to identify target audiences based on in-market purchase intent

Our Quality

Strict quality control standards ensure advertisers are only associated with premium content in a brand-safe environment. We maintain partnerships with data, rich media and ad verification partners to ensure best-in-class service solutions for our clients.

Our Audience

Our deep relationship with active consumers and influential business professionals allows for a unique opportunity for tech marketers to engage with their target audiences.

Active Consumers

Reaching over 100 million engaged consumers, IDG TechNetwork is an authoritative resource for technology-related entertainment, news and culture.

  • $ 78,115 HHI

    71% College Degree+

    56% Male/44% Female


  • $1,855 in annual tech purchases

    94% Passionate about technology


  • 89% Provide advice on technology to friends and family

    71% Early Adopters

    58% Willing to pay more for cutting edge products

  • Source: comScore October 2016; IDGTN Audience Research Study 2015

Influential Business Professionals

The IDG TechNetwork audience of 50 million business and technology influencers turn to our sites for the latest information to stay competitive and informed.

  • Business Purchasing

    71% Involved in purchasing IT/Tech for their organizations

    $81MM in cumulative annual technology enterprise purchases


    Job Titles

    IT/Tech Role: 70%

    Decision Makers: 34%

  • Interactive Ad Library

    Our in-house creative specialists develop out-of-the-box digital ad formats that will improve campaign efficiency by reducing production costs and time to market — an innovative means to drive engagement. Check out our custom ad library for marketing objectives solutions.

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  • Resource Library

    Access the latest white papers, research, webcasts, case studies and more covering a wide range of topics important to tech marketers.

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Our Flagship Properties

Reaching over 20 million tech buyers, PCWorld, Macworld, TechHive and Greenbot provide users with the technology news, analysis and guidance they need – at home, at work and on-the-go. We provide our partners with marketing services to engage our audiences with dynamic opportunities that deliver results.

  • Tech Media Exchange

    We launched our private marketplace, the industry’s first tech-focused private ad exchange, to efficiently and effectively deliver upon the global buying needs of technology advertisers.

    Our programmatic marketplace is a unified platform solution that delivers:

    • Global access to IDG’s multi-channel inventory pool
    • IDG’s DMP for real-time data segmentation and targeting efficiency
    • Increased performance through uniform ad formats and packages


    Our Private Marketplace is a transparent solution for all agencies, trade desks and DSP’s to access quality inventory in an intelligent manner across a variety of media platforms and ad packages.

  • For Publishers

    Leveraging IDG’s global audience and decades of technology expertise, we have developed a community of high-quality technology and non-endemic publishers that is unmatched in the market.


    • Worldwide sales team
    • Deep relationships with top tier advertisers
    • High engagement
    • Custom programs and solutions
    • Revenue opportunities across multiple platforms
    • Dedicated Publisher Relationships Manager providing single point of contact
    • Ease of billing & financial management


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