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Award Logos

All names and logos associated with Macworld, PCWorld and TechHive award programs are trademarks or registered trademarks of IDG Communications, Inc. Use of award program names and logos is subject to these Permissions Guidelines, which are intended to protect the integrity of the marks and therefore ensure that the marks provide high marketing value to award recipients. These Permissions Guidelines may be updated from time to time.


How to Refer to Award Logos

Recipients of a Macworld, PCWorld and/or TechHive award should refer to the award by its name, for example, TechHive’s “The 2018 Cord-Cutter Awards.” When referencing the award, the product name and specific version that received the award must also be noted. Reference to the award, logo, trophy, and the use of the merchandising assets are restricted to advertising, promotion, and packaging for the exact product or service that won the award. That is, the award is given to one specific product and may not be used in association with any other product made or marketed by the winning company, including any subsequent versions or upgrades of the winning product. Only the award-winning firm may use the logo; the winner’s right to use the logo may not be sublicensed to any other person.


Reproducing Award Logos

When using a TMacworld, PCWorld and/or TechHive award logo, you must take care to ensure that:

  1. The reproduction is large enough to make the wording on the logo legible
  2. The details and colors are distinct and unchanged
  3. The logo is not altered in any way


Logo Usage

A company whose product wins a Macworld, PCWorld and/or TechHive editorial award may license the award logo in its advertising and promotional materials and on its packaging for a period of one year from the date the award was issued. If no other version of the product has been released, then subsequent year permission can be granted. The integrity and reputation of our brands is based to a significant degree on the fact that the information they provide is current and continually updated. The technology field that we cover grows and changes rapidly and therefore we do not encourage licensing merits and awards older than one year. Use of the award name and logo is subject to all the provisions of these Permissions Guidelines, including, but not limited to, the rule that award names and logos may be used only for the exact product that won the award, and not for subsequent releases or versions of the product. Any usage beyond the one-year requires written approval from IDG Communciations, Inc.


Quote Usage

Quoting a Macworld, PCWorld and/or TechHive Review

Quotes from Macworld, PCWorld and/or TechHive may be licensed from a print or online use. All quotes must include appropriate citation and require approval of usage. Quotes, like award logos, can only be used to promote the exact product that was reviewed. When used on the Internet, the quote should be linked or provide an accompanying link to the source of the quote (the article, review or piece of content on the appropriate website). These guidelines apply to use of the quotes for promotional or marketing purposes, including, but not limited to, website use, packaging, and advertising.

You may also provide a linking URL to full article review and may use the article heading without incurring any licensing fees.


Quote Citation Requirements

The following citation guidelines must be followed when reproducing a quote:

Product Name and Version

Brand, Date (Month/Year)


Product X, v. 1.2.3, April 2017


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Usage of Other Assets

Permission to obtain an article reprint of your Macworld, PCWorld and/or TechHive review may be done by emailing


Article Reprints

Reproduction of Macworld, PCWorld and/or TechHive content, whether electronic or hard copy, are available for purchase for all Macworld, PCWorld and/or TechHive online reviews. E-Prints (delivered as a PDF) can be emailed directly to your customers or made available as a download. NXTprints are Flash-based, making it easy to deliver through email and include integrated tracking features.


List Rental

Macworld, PCWorld and/or TechHive email list rentals include a wide variety of subjects, such as computer products and services, Internet services, consumer electronics, books, financial offers, business services, office supplies, equipment, training, and educational offers.

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