The Move to Digital Transformation

Recently, the IDG Enterprise team had the opportunity to hear from Crawford Del Prete – EVP, WW Products & Chief Research Officer at IDC, the premier global provider of market intelligence for the tech industry – about their findings around digital transformation.

According to Del Prete, if information is like oil then we are currently in 1920s Texas – nowhere near taking full advantage of what we have in terms of data. Technologies, powered by what IDC calls the 3rd Platform (Cloud, Analytics, Social and Mobile), are going to begin to transform industries and spur on digital transformation. Listed here are some of those technologies, referred to as “innovation accelerators”:

  • Next Gen Security (over 1.5 billion people will be affected by data hacks by 2020)
  • Internet of Things (worldwide market to grow from $655 billion in 2014 to $1.7 trillion in 2020)
  • Cognitive Systems (market for cognitive solutions exceeds $40 billion in 2020)
  • Robotics (commercial robot shipments increase 5x by 2020)
  • 3D Printing (transforms the market for prototypes, manufactured parts & packaging by 2020)
  • Augmented & Virtual Reality (market grows to over 30 million units in 2020)

You may be asking, “How will these innovation accelerators transform my day-to-day life or business?” Del Prete shared interesting examples of some of the innovation accelerators and how enterprises are moving full steam ahead.

  • Next Gen Security: New ways to protect assets in a world of breaches.
    • LogDog – mobile app that protects your most important accounts by continuously scanning them for signs of suspicious activity. When a breach is detected, you immediately receive an alert.
    • Cyborg Unplug – a device that sniffs the air for wireless signatures from devices you don’t want around, sending an email alert when detected.
  • Internet of Things: Connecting data for up-to-the-minute insights.
    • KipstR from Virgin Media – wearable technology that automatically sets the DVR to record whatever you’re watching if you fall asleep in front of the box.
    • SmartCap – a hat that predicts driver fatigue by measuring an operators brainwaves to detect when they are at risk of a microsleep.
    • IFTTT – a mobile app that lets you connect your favorite apps so they work best for you and your lifestyle.
  • Cognitive Systems: Driving a new era of computing.
    • BMW Assist – uses advanced technology to bring the focused attention of a response specialist to your aid whenever needed.
    • Hitachi Visualization Predictive Crime Analytics (HVPCA) – uses real-time social media and Internet data feeds together with unique, sophisticated analytics to gather intelligent insight and enhance public safety through the delivery of highly accurate crime predictions.
  • Robotics: Assisting commercial and consumer markets for efficient operations.
    • Henn-na Hotel – Japanese hotel staffed entirely by humanoid robots.
  • 3D Printing: Creating new business models and transforming the commercial landscape.
    • American Standard – launched first commercially-available residential faucets created with 3D printing.
    • Ericsson connected print – touch a printed piece of text or image and information is sent instantly to your mobile device (i.e. touch the label on your medication bottle and you get the important info sent to your phone/touch the label inside your clothes to have the washing instructions downloaded to your phone etc…)

If you’re reading this and are shocked by the outcomes and predictions of these new technologies, then you’re exactly like us. After listening to Del Prete, questions like “Are there seriously going to be robot-staffed hotels in 5 years?” and “What will be 3D printed next?” filled the room. And there really are no answers – just estimates and predictions. We do know that the move to digital transformation is underway in all aspects of our lives and we’re going to need to be prepared for change.

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