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MarketingFit Guide: Keys to an Effective Event Marketing Strategy to Reach Tech Buyers


Events provide a great opportunity to showcase a product or service, build brand awareness, and drive sales. Tech marketers get it…it’s a critical part of a holistic marketing strategy. Successful event marketing means doing your homework before you invest in an event. It’s about knowing where your targets will be and what types of events […]

CIO Tech Poll: Economic Outlook 2019 Executive Summary


This executive summary, based on the CIO Tech Poll: Economic Outlook 2019 research, outlines how current economic conditions are affecting IT spending plans among IT leaders. Specifically, the research examines the business and global factors that have shifted IT budget plans in the past, and ones that are expected to shift budgets in the future. […]

CIO Tech Poll: Economic Outlook 2019


The annual CIO Tech Poll: Economic Outlook research was conducted to gauge how current economic conditions are affecting IT spending plans among IT leaders. The 2019 research reveals that IT budgets will begin to level out as IT executives are focused on balancing innovation and maintaining the status quo. This does not mean, however, that […]

Customer-Centric Marketing: A Guide to Engaging IT Decision-Makers in the Digital-First Age


In an age of empowered buyers, customer-centric marketing is more important than ever. For tech marketers, understanding consumer priorities is critical to provide the right assets to decision-makers at the appropriate time. This video is a guide to assist marketers engage with their customers and create partnerships as organizations navigate through the digital transformation process. […]

MarketingFit Content Marketing Webcast Series


Join us for our MarketingFit Content Marketing Webcast Series with our Experts! Our three-episode webcast series – taught by IDG’s own content, strategy and insight experts – will guide you through creating an effective content marketing strategy. The series will also help you scale your reach and effectively use data and targeting insights to assist your organization in honing […]

2019 Digital Business Executive Summary


Based on the 2019 Digital Business research, this executive summary outlines organizations’ current and future digital-first adoption plans. For most organizations, digital transformation has gone from a leading-edge ambition to a business imperative. IT strategies have become more interwoven with business strategy as companies look for new ways to engage with customers, bring more innovation […]

2019 Digital Business Research


The second annual IDG Digital Business study was conducted to gain a better understanding of where organizations are in their digital-first approach. The findings show that establishing a digital business is top of mind, as 91% of organizations have adopted, or have plans to adopt, a “digital-first” business strategy – which is up slightly from […]

The Drive to Transform Powers a More Inclusive Buying Dynamic


Based on the 2019 IDG Role & Influence of the Technology Decision-Maker research, this white paper “The Drive to Transform Powers a More Inclusive Buying Dynamic,” highlights who is involved in the tech purchase process, how the buying cycle differs by the technology being purchased, and how the digital-first mindset is affecting these changes. This […]

2019 Role & Influence of the Technology Decision-Maker Research


The 2019 Role & Influence of the Technology Decision-Maker study provides in-depth information about the evolving influence IT decision-makers play in today’s corporations. In its 12th year, the study looks at the current types of technology purchases that are being made, how IT decision-makers are educating themselves throughout the tech purchase process, and their expectations […]

CIOs Strive for Strategic Growth


Heads of IT are broadening their strategic role and collaboration with line of business (LOB) to ensure a smooth maturation of digital business transformation. This infographic, based on the 2019 State of the CIO research, explores the CIO’s influence, their new responsibilities, and the challenges they expect to experience as their role and the tech […]

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