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Customer-Centric Marketing


Digital transformation is putting more emphasis on the role of technology in driving the business forward – and IT decision-makers need relevant and educational information more than ever as they determine their digital business strategy. The third in our series of Customer Journey posters, this poster provides insight into the technology purchase process – who’s involved, […]

IDG Customer Journey Research


For more than 10 years, IDG has been exploring the B2B technology purchase process to help marketers better understand who is involved and how best to target them. We have continued to evolve the research by highlighting specific technologies, expanding content sources, and more. Here you can find all of the assets you need to […]

2018 Digital Business Survey


The 2018 IDG Digital Business research was conducted to gain a better understanding of how organizations are evolving to a digital business model in terms of revising technology strategies, changing organizational structures and processes, and innovating to provide a unique customer experience. The results confirm that a digital-first approach is top of mind for tech […]

2018 State of Digital Business Transformation White Paper


This white paper, based on IDG’s 2018 Digital Business research, provides an understanding of organizations digital transformation plans by outlining the technologies they are adopting and strategies they are implementing to succeed. The study reveals that the majority of organizations have plans to adopt a digital-first business strategy, however only 44% have fully adopted this […]

MarketingFit Guide to: Marketing Your Technology to Small-Medium Businesses


IT decision-makers at any size organization are tasked with a wide variety of responsibilities – ranging from understanding ever evolving and complex technologies, to ultimately leading the introduction of new tools and solutions throughout the business. This research white paper explores this process for IT decision-makers at small-medium businesses (SMB; <1,000 employees). Download this white […]

CIOs Shift Digital Transformation Efforts Into High Gear


CIOs struggle to balance operational excellence and innovation, but they have plans to accomplish just that. Centered around CIO’s 17th annual “State of the CIO” research, this white paper explores the state of the CIO role in today’s business climate and helps to define the CIO’s agenda for 2018. This year’s research reveals that 88% of […]

CIO Tech Poll: Tech Priorities 2018


The CIO Tech Poll: Tech Priorities 2018 study explores the upcoming tech spending plans and budgets for organizations, and outlines the technology areas IT leaders expect their budgets to focus on. The results show that this year tech leaders are actively researching emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence and machine learning, while prioritizing security and […]

State of the CIO 2018


CIO’s 17th annual “State of the CIO” survey was conducted with the goal of understanding how the CIO role continues to evolve in today’s business climate and to help define the CIO agenda for 2018. This definitive benchmarking survey measures the role of the CIO in the organization, budget/investment drivers, the IT/business relationship, and the key […]

Digital Transformation Opens New Paths to the Short List


This white paper, based on the 2017 Role & Influence of the Technology Decision-Maker research, explores the dynamic tech purchase process as tech buyers are more open than ever to considering new suppliers for strategic and emerging technologies. The research reveals organizations’ digital transformation plans, along with the factors that are driving their IT strategy. […]

Network Technologies Helping Business Transformation


Technology goals and solutions continue to evolve, and network professionals find their roles even more central to their organization’s transformation. This short video provides an overview of today’s network IT trends, based on Network World’s State of the Network research. The video explores how network technology is being implemented into IT strategy, and how network […]

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