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IDG Enterprise/IGS Mobility Survey 2014

The 2014 IDG Enterprise/IGS Mobility Survey was conducted to explore how mobile devices are used for business purposes, factors used to evaluate mobile technologies, how organizations are investing in mobile technology–now and in the future–as well as the challenges or barriers to implementing mobile solutions.

Key findings include:

  • A poor mobile website experience effects the brand reputation and makes mobile device users less likely to engage with a company/brand. (Click to Tweet)
  • Responsive design is critical for a positive experience as buyers increasingly use mobile devices for research, replacing traditional touch points. (Click to Tweet)
  • A large portion of mobile devices that are used for business are owned by the user with the majority using smartphones. (Click to Tweet)
  • Business related purchases are being made on mobile devices, however, the average purchase is still relatively small. (Click to Tweet)
  • Security is the biggest hindrance for purchases from mobile devices as many opt to research on their mobile devices and then purchase either online or in the store. (Click to Tweet)

The 2014 IDG Enterprise/IGS Mobility Survey was conducted online among the audience of six IDG Enterprise brands – CIO, Computerworld, CSO, InfoWorld, ITworld and Network World. Results are based on 528 respondents.

For more information on this study, view the excerpt below. To receive a PDF of the research contact Sue Yanovitch.


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