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2018 Customer Engagement Research


The annual IDG Customer Engagement survey looks at the role content consumption plays in the purchase process for major technology products and services, and provides insights for tech marketers to map their engagement touch-points to customers’ information needs. By looking at how a variety of content types are consumed throughout the purchase process, and the importance of brand awareness and trust throughout the process, the research creates actionable insights for demand generations and lead nurture strategy and optimization. New this year, we take the research a step further and outline content preferences and consumption for different technology areas, as well as look into engagement around events and the use of podcasts.

Key Takeaways:

  • If IT decision-makers (ITDMs) find something of value they will engage, however only 40% of work-related downloaded content has provided value to ITDMs in the past year.
  • Tech decision-makers engage in a multi-channel approach for content consumption, which includes podcasts and webcasts.
  • Brand awareness and trust affect short list placement – organizations must understand where their viability falls so they are aware of the key characteristics they need to improve.
  • Industry events create an educational environment conducive to peer interaction, vendor networking and knowledge.
  • IT decision-makers value tailored timing, messaging and communication source when it comes to vendor sales follow-up.

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2018 Customer Engagement Research