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2018 Digital Business Survey

The 2018 IDG Digital Business research was conducted to gain a better  understanding of how organizations are evolving to a digital business model in terms of revising technology strategies, changing organizational structures and processes, and innovating to provide a unique customer experience. The results confirm that a digital-first approach is top of mind for tech leaders, and the top objectives driving this strategy include improving process efficiency, creating a better customer experience and improving employee productivity.

Key findings include:

  • The majority of organizations have digital business plans; however, less than half (44%) have adopted a digital business approach.
  • Digital business aims to improve efficiency via automation, create better customer experiences, and improve employee productivity – all of which are also the top metrics to determine digital business success.
  • Complete digital innovation requires security measures and an evaluation of technology needs.
  • The pace of technology change management runs slightly ahead of organizational change management for most organizations undergoing digital transformation.
  • IoT is expected to play a role in organizations’ digital business strategy, especially among enterprises (61%).


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