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2018 Global State of Information Security Survey

The 2018 Global State of Information Security SurveyTM (GSISS) is conducted by PwC, CIO and CSO to understand how security practices and incidents are impacting the broader market. While digital business continues to grow, organizations need to brace for cyber shocks – and this study provides insight into the steps organizations are taking to do so. Beyond investing in security tools, organizations are focusing on ways to improve collaboration among business, IT and digital, as well increase the involvement from leadership in the development of cyber risk management culture.

Key findings include:

  • 59% of security leaders say digitization has increased information security spending. Going deeper, organizations anticipate cyberattacks against their use of automation/robotics.
  • The number of security incidents detected continues to drop, along with the average financial loss due to cybersecurity attacks. However, the financial loss per incident continues to climb.
  • Only 44% of GSISS respondents say their corporate boards actively participate in their organization’s overall security strategy. This is a missed opportunity – the CISO must highlight the shortfalls so the board can better execute their responsibilities.
  • Over the past year, the organizations believe the top sources of security incidents were current employees (30%), former employees (27%), and unknown hackers (23%). The main impacts include customer and employee records being compromised, and the loss or damage of internal records.
  • GDPR compliance is still looming for many organizations – 14% of organizations have not yet started preparing for GDPR. In order to reduce GDPR exposure, organizations are centralizing data centers in Europe, de-identifying European data, and reducing presence in Europe.

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