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2018 State of the Network

Network World’s State of the Network research is conducted annually to gain a deeper understanding of the network environments within today’s organizations. This research focuses on technology implementation objectives and how leading objectives are changing the way IT/networking professionals do their jobs, specifically how their roles are increasing in importance, and the way their organizations function. The 2018 study provides a comprehensive view of technology adoption trends among networking professionals.

Key findings include:

  • Computing is moving closer to the edge of the network, giving organizations the ability to analyze data in near real-time
  • The networking team is collaborating even more with IT and other key groups in the business and becoming more involved in IT initiatives and shaping the overall IT strategy
  • Security continues to be top-of-mind for network professionals. They’re joining forces with IT to stay ahead of potential cyber attacks and putting investments behind securing the network
  • IT budgets dedicated to security, cloud services and application development are still on the rise
  • The networking team is investing time and budget into emerging technologies. Edge computing, Blockchain, and Converged/Hyper-Converged Infrastructure are among a few of the technologies on their radar

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