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2017 Customer Engagement Research

Digital transformation emphasizes the role of technology in driving business forward. In turn, this puts more pressure on technology decision makers to be aware of new technologies and solutions that will help them drive their business forward. Because of this, they seek out more information as they self-educate. But not just any information.  Tech marketers need to know what information tech buyers need, how they consume and share, and the best ways to tailor content for individual segments.

The 2017 Customer Engagement research delves into the content consumption habits of tech buyers, and takes it a step further to look at why sales and marketing alignment is so essential to success by looking at how marketing impacts the purchase cycle, optimal timing for lead nurture and sales follow up, methods and means of follow up, and the focus for sales education.


For these stakeholders in the spotlight, customer experience is a brand differentiator. Customers expect a consistent omni channel experience to deliver on the CX promise–across all marketing and sales interactions. This research will help pave the roadmap of your marketing strategy.

Key findings include:

  • 79% of tech decision-makers (ITDMs) find it challenging to locate enough high-quality, trusted information on major enterprise IT products and services to make an informed purchase decision. (Tweet)
  • 79% say that if they can’t find vendor content during research process it negatively effects their impression of the company. (Tweet)
  • 58% of ITDMs will register for information, content, events or tools that help them make more informed buying decisions, up from 48% in 2014.(Tweet)
  • Information needs shift during the purchase process, but product-focused information (testing/reviews/opinions, and demos/product literature) is the most accessed content type, across all title sets.(Tweet)
  • Limited, full function trials of products are the most valuable when evaluating a new product or service.(Tweet)
  • 90% of ITDMs value content tailored for them.(Tweet)
  • The purchase cycle for a vendor an ITDM is familiar with is 3.6 months, compared to 6.9 months for and unfamiliar vendor. This varies significantly by company size and job title.(Tweet)
  • Although use is increasing, the verdict is split on the use of live chat on vendor websites, with convenience being cited as a pro, and wariness of a hard sell sited as a con.
  • 89% say that when a sales rep. is highly knowledgeable and able to answer questions promptly it positively impacts the likelihood that they will purchase the solution for which they have downloaded content.

IDG’s 2017 Customer Engage Research was conducted among the audiences of six IDG B2B brands (CIO, Computerworld, CSO, InfoWorld, ITworld and Network World). The survey fielded online and results are based on 800 respondents.

For more information on this study, view the excerpt below.

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