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CSO Vendor Scorecard: Security Information & Event Management Research

Security strategy is an integral part of business growth and success. In order to create a better picture of where organizations are in their adoption of specific security technologies, CSO conducted the 2016 Vendor Scorecard: Security Information & Event Management research. The study outlines the adoption of SIEM, and the vendor characteristics needed to achieve their business goals.

Key findings:

  • Organizations say that SIEM technology is critical/very important (76%) when facing threats and attacks, with enterprise organizations reporting a greater degree of importance (84%). (Click to Tweet)
  • Security users are generally aware and familiar with SIEM vendors, but a small percentage report to actually know a lot about them and the services they offer. (Click to Tweet)
  • The majority of organizations with an SIEM solution installed plan to continue their use of that vendor. (Click to Tweet)
  • Effectiveness, integration with existing systems, ability to enable automation, and customer service/support are the most important characteristics when evaluating SIEM vendors. (Click to Tweet)
  • The top deterrent for not using or considering a vendor is lack of awareness or not enough information. (Click to Tweet)

To learn more about the study, view the excerpt below.

If you’re interested to know what SIEM users are saying about the tools and available solutions, fill out the research contact form below to request a meeting with an IDG sales executive to further discuss the results.


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