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MarketingFit Guide: Marketing Your Data & Analytics Products

Based on IDG’s 2019 Role & Influence of the Technology Decision-Maker and 2018 Customer Engagement research, this white paper dives into actionable insights regarding the data & analytics technology purchase process. You’ll explore key fundamentals of the purchase process including: the length, important players, and the role of existing and new vendors. The data also details IT leaders’ top information sources, the types of content they rely upon, and vendor actions that lead to IT engagement.

Download the summary to learn:

  • The amount of organizations that have data & analytics tools in place, in use or if they’re actively researching this technology
  • The full buying committee for the data & analytics purchase process
  • White papers and tech content sites are the most relied upon information sources for data & analytics-focused decision-makers – where do other sources land?
  • Only 40% of data & analytics downloaded content has proven valuable – what are the most relied upon types of content?




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