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Demand Generation Priorities of Tech Marketers

Technology marketers are focused on developing content to fuel their demand generation efforts. In a recent study content marketing and content creation were ranked as the most critical objective in support of their tech marketing strategy, and aligning content to their demand generation strategy is the #1 area of demand gen investment.

Looking specifically at lead gen activity, tech marketers expect an increased focus on account based marketing (ABM). Currently, only 11% have an active ABM strategy in place, and another 61% are in the early stages of adoption or evaluation. The top challenges facing ABM adoption include gaining sales buy-in (23%), determining a nurture/follow up strategy (17%), and creating a target account list (13%). Given the need for strong marketing and sales alignment to develop and execute an ABM strategy, it is not surprising, given that the top three challenges are related to sales enablement, that only 25% of respondents reported that marketing and sales were strongly aligned.

Conducted to better understand the demand generation priorities and challenges of tech marketers, this presentation focuses on the responses from U.S.-based respondents within tech vendor marketing organizations.

Key findings:

  • Content marketing and content creation are critical to a tech marketer’s strategy (72%); followed by account based marketing (57%).
  • Aligning content to their demand generation strategy will be a core area of investment for 28% of respondents. This is an important investment area since only 25% rate their content marketing strategy as effective.
  • Tech marketers are increasing their focus on ABM (59%); overall 89% of tech marketers are adopting or evaluating ABM strategies.
  • Customer experience during the lead nurture process requires a tight integration between marketing and sales. The top challenges facing ABM adoption relate to sales alignment and sales enablement, so it is not surprising that only 25% report that the relationship between sales and marketing is strong and aligned.

To dig deeper into the results from this study, please view the slides below. For more information on content marketing or demand generation, explore our resources on this site under marketing tools. We have additional primary research, blogs and white papers to make you smarter about tech decision-makers, and targeted products and programs to help you reach them!

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