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Digital Transformation Raises the Bar and the Rewards


The white paper Digital Transformation Raises the Bar and the Rewards , based on the 2018 IDG Customer Engagement research, explores content types consumed throughout the evolving technology purchase process. The research finds that only 40% of work-related downloaded content has provided value to tech decision-makers in the last 12 months,  revealing that tech marketers have some work to do when it comes to content creation.

Download the white paper to learn:
  • The marketing-related factors that would cause an ITDM to abandon a vendor during the research stage.
  • How tech decision-makers value awareness and trust throughout the buyer journey.
  • The types of information or content that IT decision-makers rely on the most, as well as their use of podcasts and webcasts.
  • Which technology topics are driving the most interest for tech industry events.




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