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Based on CSO’s Pandemic Impact Survey fielded in March right when the affects of COVID-19 started to be felt, 61% of security leaders expressed greater concern about attacks targeting work from home employees. Another 73% said that the impact of this pandemic will alter the way businesses evaluate risk for at least the next five years. With this in mind, security focused marketers are instrumental in ensuring security decision-makers have the necessary tools and knowledge to make their most informative purchase. Compiling insight from IDG’s buyers journey research – 2020 Role & Influence of the Technology Decision-Maker and 2019 Customer Engagement – this security specific research guide outlines who’s involved in the security purchase process, the content types and sources security buyers rely on, and their likelihood to seek out a new vendor. View the key findings:

Key Findings:

  • Slightly more than half of security focused IT decision-makers are likely to consider a new vendor over the incumbent(s) when making a quick purchase decision.
  • 80% of security focused decision-makers report that when a tech brand is known and trusted it increases the likelihood that they will be added to the short list.
  • IT continues to be the primary budget holder for security purchases (82%) compared to 70% of the time for overall technology purchases.
  • The top sources of information during the security purchase process are tech content sites, webcasts and webinars, and white papers.
  • The majority (96%) of security-focused ITDMs have watched a tech-related video for business purposes – be sure to understand their preferred device type to watch these videos.

Download the security sample slides for additional guidance on how to best market security products and services. The sample slides are just a glimpse of the researchrequest a meeting with an IDG sales executive to walk through the full security purchase process to help you better understand how to market security products and services in today’s business climate. 

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